For those of us engaged in email marketing there is the additional concern of frightening away those on our emails lists. However, and you no doubt knew this was coming, there are times when jargon can be all but essential.

The negative to renting is that this precious email list never is yours. You never see or have access to it. You rely on the seller’s word that he is not a spammer and that his list is genuine. You create the email marketing campaign, and the owner sends out the email. You simply trust his word. At the end of the day are you sure that your direct mass mailings are going to a targeted receptive list? OR – are junked and spammed?

You should start by making an index of what your current software functions are. If this doesn’t fulfill you needs, start looking for the latest software package. Don’t settle for something until you know exactly what you require and are able to find it.

The content of your email requires the most attention. Once you have attracted the reader’s attention through the subject line, you need to once again convey what’s in it for the customer, at the start of your email. Your content has to be good enough to convince them to keep reading on and follow your Call-To-Action at the end of the email.

Now let’s look at the email marketing services. Email software has usually an up front cost of $299.00 to purchase the software. Here is where this may be the factor that makes your decision, there are no limits to list you can easily generate 500 subscribers to the list, 2,500, 25,000 maybe 250,000. The key factor is this, no matter how much subscribers are on your list, you never pay another dime.

If you’re engaged in email marketing, chances are you could be getting better results with expert copy on your side. Here are a few key indicators that sub-par copy might be to blame for your lack of results.

If you find that your list is becoming too large to manage, you may want to consider outsourcing. There are a lot of companies out there who specialise in maintaining lists for companies.

Email marketing requires time and money. You can use a email marketing software to save your time. Here is a good newsletter software for opt-in email marketing software. It is called iKode newsletter software.

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