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This exercise, called Drawing The Bow, requires a variety of muscle groups to be involved and helps to tone and condition each of them. The biceps, shoulders and forearms are strengthened due to ‘drawing the bow.’ The major muscle groups in the legs and back are used, as are the muscles surrounding the waist and the knees. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that this exercise will help to improve the function of the kidneys.

The bow in central to any archer’s game. It is this one piece of equipment that the majority of his sport budget is earmarked for. The type of bow he chooses depends to a great extent on what kind of archery he will be participating in. If he is a bow hunter he has several options. For maximum power he will most likely select a crossbow. If he wants a more challenging hunting experience it might be a compound bow. Most novice archers will be competing in traditional shooting or simply target practice. There is a good range of bows that suit this purpose such as the longbow, the recurve, or a compound bow.

(2) Many hunters fail to hit on target because they do not judge distance properly. The bow hunter can use a range finder to measure distances, before the actual hunt itself. This method is very helpful if the hunter is using a tree stand or a blind.

To make an best bow sight, the first step is to establish the natural curve of the wood – every piece of wood has one, although some may be easier to distinguish than others. This is extremely important as carving it on the wrong side would cause the bow to snap upon first use. Next, whittle the wood into a boomerang-like shape, meaning the ends of the stick should be slightly smaller than the middle. For example, if the middle is one inch thick, then the two ends should be close to 3/4 of an inch. To assure that your bow lasts long, tightly wrap a wet strip of leather around the center of the bow and allow it to dry naturally. This gives the bow an added durability and propels arrows at a greater speed.

Once you have that down it is time to start working on the vertical arrow placement. If you are shooting low of the spot you are aiming them move your single sight optic down a little (not all sight pins but only the top one). Then take a couple more shots. Repeat this step until you are on target.

Maintain your composure while in your tree stand and don’t leave it too soon. Your best opportunity for a great deer usually presents itself within the last thirty minutes of shooting light.

Like all sports, we should start from the basics. Only when your skill improves should you try out the more advanced items. First of all, choose a bow. There are three types. The first is the longbow, then there is the recurve bow, and last but not least, the compound bow.

As you continue to practice and compete with family members you will soon get a feel for the enjoyment level. You will soon see everyone’s ability increasing. Practice makes perfect. When this occurs you can begin to slowly upgrade your equipment.

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