You have e top-ups, direct top-ups and prepaid recharge cards. It is easy to find a prepaid recharge top up too. Since they are available everywhere, you can stay connected wherever you are. What matters is that you are in touch with the BSNL customer care. You can also subscribe to prepaid mobile services and prepaid plans so that you stay in the loop whenever the company rolls out new offers and features. BSNL recharge offers are competitive and so customers want them.

06. What do you mean by recurring deposit? – According to this scheme, the customer can remit monthly or quarterly fixed amount for a fixed period. For example, an amount of Rs. 1000/- can be deposited for 60 months and interest is paid to the depositor according to the period of deposit along with the principal amount on maturity of deposit.

The learners use their pocket- money to get the balance. They spend a big part of their allowance on it. They do some part-time jobs also and give the tuition too. Some more cash can be asked from their parents also to get the problem solved. The finest thing is they can give one more responsibility to their guardians to pay the bill.

Laptop computers can be used anywhere; similar is a mobile phone with an internet connection? Mobile internet connection provides you the means to complete your top-priority works anytime and anywhere you need to do over internet. This service is available in affordable price.

There are different ways to do Sun Direct such as 微信海外充值, SMS recharge, IVRS and through Sun Direct’s website. Sun Direct Online is the easy way. It is very fast, easy and secure. Both of them are require your credit or debit card. You can do Sun Direct online through net banking. You can do it at any time at any where from the world. One can do it through online service providers. To avail these recharges, first you have to register with your user ID or customer ID and password. SMS is the other way, if you send an SMS for recharge; they will send you e-pin number. You have to use that one. In IVRS, simply you have to follow the instructions.

Moreover, mobile phones are not only restricted to calling but the reality is that mobile world has developed so much over past few years that their can be other means to get connected too and they are through SMS, video calls, social networking sites in phones and through other applications which are similar to social networking sites. The best part of this is that you can avail these plans at very cheap rates. Also, your calling rates are so cheap like the plan of 1 paisa per second for local calls and 1.2 paisa for STD calls (approximately for all the telecom companies).

In case you are going for online prepaid mobile recharge, you will be asked to register with the website you are using. You will have to give email and a password. You will also be asked to choose your Recharge card denomination, city/state and a service provider. The website will also ask for basic information like your name, phone number etc. Then you will be asked to choose how you would like to pay for the service. And finally, when all is done, the recharge code will be sent to your phone. One thing you have to keep in mind is that in case you lose the pin, the pin is stolen or if the pin expires, you will not be able to ask for your money. Your claim for refund will not be entertained. Thus, you have to be a little careful in order to exploit the benefits of such a useful service.

By doing so, you have a good idea of the competition and you get a big chance to get a goody. Additionally, you can make multiple entries and increase your winning possibility.

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