Some would say you should study tactics and spend more than 50 percent of your study time in it. Others would recommend that you take up openings that maximize your performance – those that bring positions that you’re comfortable with. There are coaches and trainers that recommend studying the games of your favorite grandmaster.

Also consider an analog battery-operated clock or a digital clock. The digital clocks are not much more expensive than the windup clocks, and they have a lot of options that chess players love.

Bicycle. Can’t get enough of the Great Outdoors? After you’re done with the Frisbee, get on your bike and enjoy the scenery and the fresh air. A bicycle company called Razor has even reinvented the classic three-wheeler and turned it into one free-wheeling, swift experience called the Rip Rider 360 (only $85 at Amazon). The 360 degrees capability (don’t worry, it’s safe) certainly puts an edge to your kid’s ride.

A personal favorite of mine; this opening is one of the most versatile opening moves. Not only is the knight perfectly placed to protect the h pawn, the most important weak spot of a castled king on the king side, but you can still play a more traditional second move such as the King’s Pawn or Queen’s pawn. Named for the grandmaster who first used this move as his main opening, the Zugertort Opening is a good choice for beginners, but still allows a slow and steady piece progression for more experienced chess players as well.

Now, you must restart the browser and locate the site again to follow all the links to the game. If your plug – in is properly installed then you can easily enjoy playing this game.

Most people, today, learn chess online in some form. There are really two ways to play online chess. One way is to play live with another opponent who is online at the same time. The other is to play an opponent who is not online at the same time. There are many sites where you can online chess lessons live.

The advances in software and computer hardware have made chess playing machines commonplace, so much so that now one can play the game on small handheld devices as well.

I hope you find these ideas informative and useful, and that you find just the right gift for your chess-playing friend, spouse, or relative for this Christmas.

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