The main reason why people install coilover suspension in their car is because of the overall additional stability it adds to your vehicle. The ride height is comparatively lowered and you can handle your car better. Some people prefer normal stock suspensions but coilover suspensions are better. Ksport coilovers have better shock setup and are adjustable as well. You can get the exact height that you want without any hassles.

To install the shim in the spring pack, you will have to disassemble the spring pack. It is generally a good idea to replace the center pin and the shim kit came with new center pins. So you can just cut off the nuts from the center pins. They are often impossible to unbolt due to dirt and corrosion.

If you’re raising your vehicle, always use jack stands. Resist the temptation to rely on the azulejo hidraulico. It’s not sturdy enough. It should not be counted upon to support the weight of your car.

It depends on which performance exhaust headers you get and which state you live in. Most of the headers are 50-state street legal, which means that they don’t interfere with pollution-controls on your vehicle. Some headers are designed for off-road or racing vehicles that are exempt from smog certification, so they are not street-legal. Then again, some states have more relaxed pollution controls than others, so a set of off-road headers in California might be street-legal in Montana. If your state requires that you pass a smog test, get a set of headers that are 50-state street legal. If not, then they sky’s the limit. Either way, check with your local DMV.

It depends. Vehicle manufacturers cannot refuse to perform repairs just because you have installed performance parts. However, if they can prove that the part itself contributed to the problem, or if your warranty expressly prohibits performance upgrades, then they can refuse to honor the warranty. Always take the time to read your warranty before installing any aftermarket parts.

It’s a no-brainer to have the rotors and drums turned on every brake pad change. It’s usually $10 per item, and will make the hardware last much longer. A new rotor averages about $50 – $90. Do the math.

Keep a plastic accordion file in your car and put all your auto repair receipts in it. You can set your filing system any way you desire. Some people choose a chronological filing system while others may choose to divide them into the types of maintenance or repairs that were performed on the car. No matter which way you choose, having complete car records can help the mechanic when you need more repairs and help you if you aren’t satisfied with a repair. This will also come in handy if you decide to sell your vehicle and want to let the buyer know about how much you invested in the vehicle.

After you have raised your vehicle using a jack, it is important that you use a jack stand to take on the whole weight of the vehicle. Jack stands provide your car with significant stability and provide you with greater confidence while working underneath your vehicle.

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