As any Hollywood producer will tell you it’s all about location, location, location! Choosing the perfect spot for your event can make all the difference when it comes to your wedding budget. By thinking outside the box you can save yourself a lot of headache and even more money! There are no rules to finding the ideal location and the traditional church ceremony followed by the ballroom reception are quickly becoming a thing of the past. And booking that 5 – Star hotel simply because your cousin had her wedding there is not the way to go when you are looking to stretch a dollar.What’s right and budget friendly for one couple may not be right and budget friendly for you. This is your BIG day after all and it should represent who you are as couple.

The circumstances might extenuate an individual’s behavior on the occasion of the meeting. I find I am much more receptive to appreciating someone’s company and character when we are not meeting under the conditions of an emergency.

What the hell is Rip Torn doing? Looking at his resume, I can’t imagine he turns anything down that fits into his schedule. He went from Larry Sanders and Wonder Boys to Freddy Got Fingered and this. In this film, he plays a wheelchair-bound, former dodgeball player that coaches the guys by having them run through traffic and punching them in their balls.

He dies when a large neon sign falls on him, but then his ghostly image appears in his old scarf to pass on some wisdom about the game. “Hey, crotch stain,” are his first words from beyond. Oh, what a GSI vs. GIA. I hope they all got paid well and enjoyed their time in Vegas.

We also had to visit the mandatory battlefield. Cedar Creek Battle was fought between Middletown to the North and Strasburg to the South. On October 13, 1864 Gen. Philip Sheridan heard the battle being waged from fifteen miles away in Winchester. He mustered his cavalry and road to aid the Union forces, which were being routed at the time. He changed the course of the battle. This was the last major battle in the Shenandoah Valley. The CSA lost their breadbasket and eventually the war.

Fire Blight is very contagious to plants so you should burn the branches you prune out. You should also dip or wash your pruning shears in rubbing alcohol after each cut to keep from spreading this deadly fungus.

Note: As readers are well aware, Boston lost lives and incurred over 200 injuries because of the bombings of Apr. 15, and an officer lost his life in the days that followed. If you’d like to contribute to the One Fund, your gift of any amount would be greatly appreciated.

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