You’re nervous. You’re so nervous that you crave a smoke. So you light up, and as you puff away, it feels so relaxing, right? Well, what’s good for your nerves is not so good to when you’re job hunting.

If you’ve decided against the tux, then it’s proper to wear a suit and jacket, although some men refuse to wear the jacket. If your bride is in a full wedding dress, it’s proper etiquette to wear the jacket; come on, you can do that much for the woman you’re hopefully marrying for life, can’t you? And please, wear a tie; show some respect.

And yes, legally, an employer can’t say “You’re a smoker, I’m not going to hire you!” However, it is an unofficial fact that if all things are equal, a non-smoker will be hired over a smoker every time. If you’re a smoker, this is a disadvantage to you.

There are various brands which are considered as the leader for making such ties. The branded ties are costlier as the materials that they use are really of durable quality. There are neckties and Men wooden bowties available in the market. Most of the sports ties have the name of the club or the logo of the club engraved in them. Players or members of clubs wear them to show unity and sportsman spirit. The sports ties are generally worn during any sports event or even during prize distribution or during post match presentations.

If you love to sail, pick up the Zephyr bowtie. In the springtime, grab a bottle of chilled chardonnay and sail the open waters with this red and tan flotilla of a tie. On a background of taupe silk twill, this bowtie is incredibly beautiful. Against a white button down shirt or a polo shirt, this fun and festive bowtie will be perfect for a day admiring the sea and taking in the sea breeze with friends.

If you love marble and the details that define that material, the Del Rio tie is a great choice for you. In a beautiful blend of orange, ivory, and three blues on a silk twill material, this bowtie is a beautiful find! What a lovely option to pick up for the spring or summer months. The bright and festive colors will resemble a beautiful sunset and will look so stylish on you!

Cuff links are among the few pieces of jewelry men can wear. A website which has an extensive range of designs is likely to meet your requirements. Cufflinks Depot has over five thousand designs for you to choose from. They have been in this field for the past twenty years, and are known for their high-quality products, so you can be confident about ordering cufflinks from them!

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