As with anything that is based on creativity, or even sometimes not (baking, cooking etc) the more you practice, the better you’ll become. In this article I briefly touch on web design and the frustrations around it, and why you WILL fail at first…

5) Have some beauty sleep. It is essential to prepare yourself before having someone take your photo. Getting enough rest the night before is important. If you lack sleep and you’re tired, it will show through your face.

2) Dress professionally. The way you dress can affect your image. It would better to bring along at least three different attires when you have your photos taken. Have a formal shot where you’re dressed in corporate attire, formal and casual attire. This way, you can use these different photos on the different pages of your sites where they are more appropriate. When choosing the color of your dress, experts advise is to use the ones with neutral tones. If you plan to use your photos on your site for a longer period of time, might as well go for the classic styles that never gets outdated instead of the fad.

Harsh, eh? But most of our work experience doesn’t often relate to writing. So, that summer job at Dairy Queen and the five years you spent killing yourself waiting tables doesn’t count.

Now coming to our point of frame works here, all of these cms are actually derivatives of a certain kind of framework. The framework, though writer by same coding language we use for our day to day site, acts as a middle tier between the server compiler and the browser or the UI end. This has got certain advantages. The most prominent one is Speed, efficiency, less code, better object oriented code structure. Much mundane stuff (in web design in purulia lingo) is taken care of by the framework itself rather than writing a 50 line code for it. Plus, the encapsulation stuff (i know it Sounds like space craft stuff) gives you more security. There are more. But these are the most prominent one.

If you wanted to become a chemist or a scientist you wouldn’t try and pursue this profession solely through reading about the topic right? You would go to school and learn from a person who has already become successful doing such a thing. Nobody I have ever encountered has reached the pinnacle of success by himself or herself. They have had a coach to get them through the whole way.

Determining your niche is the first step to producing a successful online business. Your business should be built around 1 niche. Your products or services should provide solutions to problems or concerns within your niche. Your site content should provide information about your niche. Creating an online business around your niche helps you rank better at search engines, positions you as an expert, and creates buzz in your industry.

Fifty years from now, when “words” like OMG and LOL make up 95% of the English language, historians will point to America Online and MySpace as the causes. Well, they won’t actually point. They, too, will be morons, and their fingers will likely be in their noses. But the scribble drawings in crayon they will write on their bedroom walls will tell the story in colorful detail.

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