Free Content — Or Forbidden Fruit?

We all know that getting traffic to a website is imperative in both earning money through your website and/or getting exposure. Broadly speaking, therefore, there are two categories for traffic generation: namely, PAID traffic and FREE traffic. You can get instant traffic to your website through paid methods, e.g. pay per click campaign, buying banner space on a top website etc. These paid methods of traffic generation are viable, but what if you haven’t got the money? Let’s now look at How To Get FREE Traffic To Your Website.

It’s always made me navigate away, and I’m probably not alone. Keep your Content Samurai Discount short, simple, and most of all, truthful. Talk about your struggles with Networking, and why the product finally fixed an important problem you had.

It’s important to point out SEO strategy must be integrated part with the marketing plan of your business. This means you need to have a plan in order to start promoting your website or blog. When it comes to SEO and SMO, reaching your goals demands as much attention be paid to the value of your content creation you give as to how to select the niche or audience intended to benefit. Hear some tips to matched these two approaches.

The more unique content bloggers create by cross-writing on other platforms will exponentially rank your websites higher by all the major search engines. No one loves unique fresh content more than Google!

Prefer giving a proper name to your video. It would be even better if you use keywords while writing the description and title of your video. With a proper index people will come to know about your video easily.

If we compare your business to the aircraft, we can see how you have two main parts. The Engine and the Wings. Where are you content samurai focusing most of your energy? Is it on the “engine”? Or developing it’s “wings”?

Ok, can you envision the same picture on the web? You are competing against the big companies with the latest tools, large budgets and a full time professional staff working on their web site positioning. They capture the consumer, in this case a home buyer or seller, and then sell the information at a premium as leads to realtors. The point is my site just shot up past the big dogs to the top of the natural rankings which increased my visits and lead capture. The secret is, in my opinion, the video I recently added to the front page of my web site. Thats right, since adding video to my website it has moved up to front page position for several key word searches with Google, go figure.

One thing is for certain is that you can achieve huge success through video marketing. You need to ensure though that you get it right in order to maximise your success .It is the most popular and powerful means of communication.

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Free Content — Or Forbidden Fruit?

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