As a business owner, business consultant, and business professor, I have been asked numerous times for the secrets of recession proof businesses. Recession proof businesses that I work with all seem to have one thing in common: recession proof business owners. Here are the top 10 vital qualities of recession proof businesses and their owners.

You can write and produce your own newsletter from home with a low overhead and potential for high returns. Many newsletter subscriptions range from $25 to $100 per year, some much higher. Even a thousands subscribers will bring in huge earnings. There are no tried and true methods of making a newsletter successful, but if you investigate the market thoroughly, and are cautious in your moves, you can make a break-even profit turn into a sound income year after year.

In order to become a group home consultant, you need to be able to put out a message of what you are promoting to groups of potential buyers and face the possibility of rejection. It’s okay, that happens to us all – just don’t be afraid of it.

Build relationships and trust. Be patient with your customers and clients and listen to them carefully. What are their problems and pains that they are trying to solve. Don’t presume to know what they want until they communicate it to you. Then you are in a much better position to do business with them.

Increase your knowledge. There are now so many people who are sinking their teeth into the field of consulting because it’s very lucrative. To get ahead of the pack, I recommend that you increase your knowledge on your chosen niche so you’ll become more “hireable.” Read relevant online and offline resources, attend relevant trainings and seminars, and interview other experts on your chosen niche. The more information you obtain, the better.

Let me explain. As with anything proper design of an opt-in form is paramount to build a list and by extension, customers you can sell to and people who trust you.

Create an impressive resume. Once you have the needed educational background, experience, trainings, and seminars, you can easily create a resume that will surely impress your potential employer. Make your resume speak volumes about your expertise and keep it short as much as possible. Manually proofread it and send it to top consulting firms where you want to work at.

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