Seattle is known as the rainy city, many people also think of it as being a kind of technology heavy place because they know people here who work at Adobe, Microsoft, or any number of the smaller software companies around down. Women in Seattle, many like myself, who work(ed) in the industry and find themselves with a big belly resulting in offspring often find themselves in a quandry when not working in a frequent take a walk and get an espresso break having environment!

RESTOCKING AND TRASH DISPOSAL: Restocking should be done during hours when the mall is closed and all trash and boxes must be disposed of in marked areas before the mall is opened.

Whichever mall or space you settle on, you’ll need a business license and a resale number. Business licenses are issued by the city in which you are doing, business. A fee is charged and the license is generally valid for one year. Resale permits are required for all business owners and are free. Check with your City Hall for more information.

What is Included? A traditional booth rent salon generally offers booth renters a small work station alongside with the other renters of the salon. This includes a chair, mirror and a station. Most of the services are performed at the workstation and generally include shares spaces such as a sink and dryers. Because booth renters are business owners, they are required to provide their own supplies. This includes shears, hot tools, clips, towels, hair product, foils, business cards, etc. Some salons may offer incentives to get stylists to rent in their salon such as the use of a washer and dryer, break room , drinks and use of the free credit card terminals. This should be specified in the booth rental lease agreement.

For home phone users, BT provides four different options. The first is Unlimited Weekend Calls. This is inclusive when you take BT line rental, and provides free unlimited calls between midnight Friday and midnight Sunday. The next package is Unlimited Evening and Weekend Calls, which is great for those who aren’t at home during the day. This includes calls made between 7pm and 7am on weekdays, as well as all weekend calls. If you use your home phone a lot throughout the day, a good option for you would be the Unlimited Anytime Calls package, as this allows you to make as many calls as you like whenever you want at no extra cost. The Unlimited Anytime Plan Plus package allows you all this, as well as half price calls to UK mobiles.

It can be expensive-twice the price of a cab, in some cities. But if your destination happens to be an hour from the airport, the car service actually turns out to be less expensive than a cab. Also the chances of the native language of your driver being Klingon are greatly reduced!

You may have to play around with offering cards for a while. Make sure you can take some of the more popular credit card companies. You don’t have to offer unlimited payment options, though. As long as you can take MasterCard and Visa, you should be just fine. The chances of your customers having cards other than those are getting slimmer by the day, and most people will have at least one of these companies’ cards, even if they also have cards from lesser known credit card companies.

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