One of the best ways to increase page rank and move your website up the search engine rankings is to create a link wheel. A link wheel is a set of Web 2.0 blogs and sites that link to each other and also to your main website. Your main website will act as the hub of this wheel with all of the web 2.0 blogs linking to it, sort of like spokes on a wheel. Here is a simple link wheel strategy that I use to boost my websites exposure.

One of the best indicators of a good niche market is how many people have products on the market now. No matter how many people might like a particular niche, are they actually spending money on it? You can use free tools to determine this such as and the Google Keyword Tool. Take time to find a good niche market and the majority of your work will be done.

Include testimonials in your marketing. Include testimonial links from satisfied customers right on your web pages, blog post, and even your landing pages.

For graphic rich websites you may want to reduce the quality/resolution to increase the load time of the images. Image sprites could be used for this as well.

With that done, and using wordpress hemsidan as the platform to build the sites means that is does not take long at all. And the sites look good as well… No more mucking around with code and html for ages trying to get things working. Time to submit these sites to directories that list affiliate programs. A great way to promote it.

So, develop a list of second and third tier keywords – keywords you can get for less. If it costs $1.00 for the keyword phrase “hand-knit sweaters,” it might only cost you a nickel for “sweaters hand knit.” You won’t drive as much traffic using a second or third tier keyword because fewer users will enter those keywords or keyword phrase. But, the PPC will be much less, thus stretching a microscopic SEM budget.

Now that the blog is setup with a nice theme and content, just go out there and promote it. You can promote via PPC, article marketing, forum marketing, classifieds, etc. Once you have some links and traffic, you must evaluate your blog’s progress. The killer ones are keepers. Go ahead and sell the rest to buy some more content and/or outsource the building of more blogs!

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