If you were born during the age of the internet, there is no denying that YouTube is a cultural phenomenon of global proportions. This is where people post videos that turn out to be legends in their own right. The more popular videos are the ones that feature techniques on how to open car door locks.

Don’t just top instagram users on sites like YouTube. Although YouTube is the most popular video sharing site–don’t miss out on signing up with it–you need to post to other sites customers visit frequently. Do a poll among your clients and find out where they are most likely to view videos that you post.

To find groups to join, enter keywords in the Facebook search box. When the search results come up, click on the Groups tab to view groups focused on your topic.

My Flip takes two AA batteries…others charge right through your computer. Either way, they have one on/off switch and a button that you can press to record and a button you can press to stop the recording and a little screen on the back. It’s super thin and light so you can carry it around easily and have it available to catch cool little snippets that you can use for products…I mean, it is absolutely awesome for grabbing high-speed video on the fly.

Reward people on posts for information. You can run competitions and have the readers vote on best post and you can give them something that they would want. Could be a course, book, sample product, gift certificate. These are things you own, so it does not have to cost you anything. Drive targeted traffic to your web 2.0 site. You can use SEO, or pay per click or any other means to getting people that are like minded to participate. You can also use classified advertising to get people to your site.

The idea here is that you create a site with “compelling offer” through a video. Where you may talk about “how to generate thousands of visitors to your site” you give me them a small teaser video clip and if they want more, then in exchange for the remaining of the video or information you ask them to subscribe to your email list. What you are doing is building a huge list of email contacts which you can immediately start “marketing” to because they have given you permission to email them.

Now, when you start your site, you can create multiple ids. Who will join if it is just you? They want to participate with others. The larger the user base grows you will not need to keep those ids active. You can also pay people to get your site active and posting content. People want an active site.

I hope the information above has given you some incite into the world of chiropractic internet marketing. There’s a lot to learn, but each of the above sections will give you a good head start on your competition. Work hard, stay consistent, and produce high quality information and you will see huge benefits in the future.

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