First off, let’s define Mobile Broadband. What exactly is Mobile Broadband? It is the high-speed wireless service provided by Sprint, Verizon, Alltel, and At&t, that uses an Air Card, or Connection Card inserted into a computer or Mobile Router. The service is totally mobile and offers speeds up to 3Mbps in most mid sized and large cities in the USA.

Some other great features of the device is its mobile Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities which can connect as much as 8 Wi-Fi enabled devices, Bluetooth 3.0, and a web browser with flash player 10.1. With this device you also get access to lots of applications, custom HTC widgets and multiple ways to customize your device.

Pay monthly is perfect for frequent web surfers and includes a data allowance on 30 days rolling contract. You will receive 1GB of allowance plus unlimited Wi-Fi at 10.21 per month.

Some people would argue that the ‘free laptop’ is not totally free. This is true to some extent. However, for less than 30 pounds a month, you can get a laptop without any additional cost. Wouldn’t this be a great deal for those who are in need of a laptop but without any money to pay for it?

You also have access to the best deals. The various service providers available include Vodafone, 3 and Crazy John’s. The kind of features that you can get is also most impressive. Features include the GPS and music, email messaging and camera. As a matter of fact you could even opt for the latest smart phones with the touch screen.

Losing weight and looking better is something everyone wants to get around to. We’re repeatedly told that the country is growing obese. With Jamie Oliver encouraging healthy diets in schools and the government telling us to lose weight for health concerns, slimming down is a massive resolution for many in 2009.

For long years notebooks have ruled the market of portable computers but netbooks have bitten their share of the pie as well. There are arguments for and against both categories, but unlike the experts who have their ongoing debate on all possible forums, you can decide which one it is you personally prefer.

All in all, we were quite pleased with the Toshiba Protege R705-P35 Notebook for the relative low price. Although this computer had some weak points, the strong points far outweigh them making it worth considering. Despite all of this, it is a great portable notebook for everyday use. It has everything you will need including mobile broadband capabilities, excellent speed, and plenty of storage space.

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