“Making it” in the mobile app industry is difficult to define – especially since everyone has a different definition of success. While some app developers are eager to change the world, others are just happy getting some recognition and providing a good time to mobile gamers.

The free travel app “Google Maps” lets you see your location on a map, get turn-by-turn navigation, plus driving and transit directions. The street view of this free travel app even shows you what your navigation landmarks will look like. Want to know where to get the closest espresso for a pick-me-up? Google Maps will show you that, plus many other businesses and other points of interest on this must-have free travel app.

I personally use several iPhone apps to stay productive while traveling. While I am active in the network marketing industry, I also have worked in the airlines industry for many years. Travel is a huge part of my life. Any technology that allows me to be more productive is greatly appreciated. I would like to share just a few apps that you might find useful in your daily business life.

One of the quickest ways to make money from your application would be to provide virtual items within a game. A good example is Smurfberries on the Smurf game. Smurfberries are available to speed up the growth of crops as well as the Smurf Village. A single truck of Smurfberries costs $99! Think of the endless opportunity of earning lots of income from this with your own app.

Powered by Sabre, a computer reservation system used by travel agents, airlines, and hotels, this free travel app for the iPhone or iPod is often used in conjunction with TripIt. The winner of Business Week’s 2009 “Best Travel App” award, TripCase continually updates flight times and gate status for your flights, plus gives you alternative flight suggestions should you run late (in case that party last night ran into the wee hours of the morning). Like TripIt, you can automatically import your itinerary from Travelocity or thousands of other online booking agents on this free travel app.

Now you can manage your guest list on the go! Eventbrite’s mobile app marketing also ties into the main dashboard so you can view ticket sales from everywhere. Hopefully a barcode scanner is next on their to-do list!

Now many webmasters are constantly spinning their wheels to rank for this and rank for that. They are watching the metrics, tracking the numbers, counting the leads they receive one by one. This is all well and good. Honestly, it is. But this pursuit should never lose sight of what is really important, the end user experience.

The final step in your app marketing guide is to monitor customer feedback to anticipate any potential changes or upgrades your app will need. No matter how hard you work, no app comes out perfect. But as long as you stay current with your updates and respond to customer issues, then you should be able to sustain sales for a very long time.

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