London Eye Flight. This has become one of the world’s most popular attractions since it’s completion in Spring 2005. It’s the only way to catch a panoramic view of London without taking a helicopter or airplane–on a clear day, you can see over 25 miles of the city and day or night, it’s a photograph-worthy trip you’ll remember for a lifetime.

The Green Pig Syndrome is a values placement process. Pigs, I am told, are relatively near-sighted but are considered the fourth most intelligent animal in the world. They see only what is in front of them, and they are driven by their appetites. Who wants the life of a pig, though? In our example, they are not long thinkers. So, they never worry about how the world will be tomorrow. Life does not consists of what can be done today no matter what the real cost might be in the long term. That would be a Green Pig’s attitude, however.

The answer is simple- except for the odd exception (a fraction of a percent), it doesn’t make sense, and the obvious proof is that legitimate users with nothing to hide sign up from their home or work PC connected to a network that makes it possible to verify their identity to a satisfactory level of certainty.

Web proxies are proxy that limit their job to the Internet. Sometimes web proxies are used to block websites that are provocative or offensive. They also serve another, perhaps more important, function of blocking viruses that may be present on the webpages that are being viewed. In fact, a number of organizations make use of proxy to perform these very functions. A company could even block its employees from viewing a particular website by making use of a proxy. Notably, the user himself is usually unaware of the work being done by the Proxy Service.

We love convenience, luxury, and excess. Constant gratification isn’t such a bad way to go, wouldn’t you say? If there were no consequences to how we lived life, one might suppose that we would all be happier. Or, at least we think that would be best. Like it or not, we live in a consequential world, and every day is an investment in making life better or worse. The simple task of depositing your trash in the next trash bin or throwing it out of the window has compounding consequences. We can survive the odd incident, but I have been in countries where trash lines the streets and festers in the alleys.

Towards the end of his stay in Damascus, when things have reached a humiliating level, Ananias visits Saul and says enough to help Saul see that all is not well. He encourages him to go to Jerusalem and talk to Peter.

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