How To Stop Spam (Especially If You’re Already A Victim)

5) Gap / Groupon – This may not be considered one of the best social media campaigns ever by most, but I believe that Gap had the right idea and they succeeded. Gap offered a $50 gift card for $25 as a nationwide offering on Groupon. That alone brought in $11 million revenue and is probably one of the most successful Groupon campaigns ever. Their goal was to bring in new customers and they believe that they’ve succeeded initially. They will only really know their level of success by card redemption’s and surveying those who use them to see about repeat business.

If you receive any mail into your inbox, then make sure you use the “Report Spam” feature within the email client. This should soon eliminate any mail you do not wish to have. Following the steps above is imperative to getting a good clean inbox. Managing your email address is ultimately your responsibility and you should know who you share your information with. Most people use only one email address for all their communication, this technique is not the best option. You should use at least 3 email addresses adhering to the steps above. You can simply log into one account, your personal email address or your business email address and just have the email from the other forwarded to the account you log into most.

2) OfficeMax / ‘Elf Yourself’ – This social media campaign still exists today (I believe) but was started in 2006 where OfficeMax allowed people to upload photos of themselves into ‘elf bodies’ to sing and dance online. They increased sales and brand awareness from this campaign and the 122 million elves that were created in just that year alone.

Basically, let’s say you were interested in a free $500 Costco gift card. You would be considered a strong candidate for products or services that Costco sells or provides; more so than just a casual prospect. The marketing firm is compensated by their affiliates for allowing them to share other similar offers with you. Are you seeing it now?

4) Hotmail – You can’t deny that Hotmail did no advertising but still managed to sign almost everyone up for a hotmail login simply by adding “Get Your Free Email at Hotmail” to the bottom of every outgoing email from a Hotmail user. If that’s not viral, then I’m not sure what it is. Unfortunately for Hotmail, their competition is simply too much right now. They should also have better security as it seems more Hotmail users acquire viruses than do other email account types.

The first thing I will show you is how to create a new folder. Once you log in to your email account you will see a link on the left side that says Manage Folders. Click on that link to go to your folders page. The next page that you will see will have a row of buttons at the top of it. Click on the New button. The next page will have a field for you to type the name of your new folder. Type in the name of the folder in that field and click the Save button at the top. The next page will show a list of your folders. You will also notice that the folder you just created will be on the left side of your window with your other folders. To create more folders, repeat the steps above.

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How To Stop Spam (Especially If You’re Already A Victim)

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