There is nothing like a good zombie movie to pass an otherwise boring afternoon. Flesh eating monsters have long been a staple of Hollywood entertainment. But with so many zombie movies to choose from, how can you be sure to satisfy your craving to watch the undead roam the Earth in search for victims? I have the solution. I recommend the remake of Dawn Of The Dead. This is a fantastic remake for many reasons, some of which I will discuss below.

Section 6A’s top seed is an emerging power in central Minnesota hockey, the Little Falls Flyers. Little Falls has been known for an outstanding scoring punch, especially when Ben Hanowski has been putting the puck in the net. But Ben is now down Highway 10 at St. Cloud State and two other Hanowskis could also contribute to another state tournament berth, Joey, a junior and Hunter, a senior.

There is little a dentist can do for the children of parents who refuse to follow their recommendations. They showed up on time for their appointments. This family could afford the dental treatment the children needed. The children were happy to cooperate. I continue to have a horrible, sick feeling every time I think of these lovely children and their parents who refused my heart-felt advice.

The school curfew is 11pm. Basically be in bed by 11pm, or, get busted. Getting busted though is not such a huge thing in the game. You are sent back to your room, and you could easily break out again.

While walking around Bullsworth Quit 9 to 5 Academy Bonuses I found quite a few things to be not only amusing, but some things downright hilarious. I would over hear conversations between other students. Ranging from nerds plotting revenge, and preppy girls turning down guys for dates. I also ran into a few fights, such as a big jock bully pushing around a skinny nerd, or two rival cliques going at it.

I love the fighting aspect in Bully. You fight like you would in Wii Sports Boxing. To fight someone you use the ‘c’ button to line up your target. After hitting the c button, you then can punch away at them by waving the wii mote and nun chuck left and right, as you would if you were really punching someone.

You can also visit your local library and inquire if they have the book available. After reading the book, come back here and tell us what you thought.

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