Make Water Freeze At Your Touch

The dictionary has many definitions for maturity. I like the one that says “fully developed powers of mind and body”. Sometimes maturity is fleeting, difficult to sustain, but when we have maturity, it can be magic. To attain maturity, we must exercise constant, diligent effort. Some people, like Peter Pan, choose to stay in “Never, Never Land” forever and never grasp any of the great truths, always thinking of themselves, always wanting to be protected and to have their needs and desires satisfied.

Another tip is to meet the neighbors of the home you are holding open. See if they know anyone wanting to move or buy. Chances are someone will know of a family wanting to move into the neighborhood.

No matter how hard you work, once in a while you will feel disappointed, and this is the time when you will need to keep yourself motivated. Reading motivational, listening and reading inspirational stories make wonders in difficult times.

Do you have a child over 7 years old who can’t add 86+47 in his or her head? Almost no children can, and neither can most adults without a lot of effort.

Medical check-up: At least once in a year do a thorough and complete medical check-up. Like in any machine early detection of malfunction in your body system will help you preventing many possible maladies.

Maturity gives us wisdom in money matters. And if you think money doesn’t matter, try living without it awhile. Maturity gives us wisdom in relationships, in tolerance, in temperance and in every part of our lives. But it doesn’t come easy. We age so quickly and smart so slowly.

The companies do not let any small publishers sell to the large stores because of the industry wide lack of trust in small publishers willingness and ability to give a total refund for any unsold products.

If you liked the above lead generation tips and would like more, check out my Jump Start Your Mortgage Career E-Class today. As I said these are just a few of the dozens of cheap lead generation techniques I share in one lesson of the course. The other lessons cover every aspect of mortgage marketing that you need to succeed in this business.

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