With summer just around the corner, most people would like to be able to show off a flat and toned tummy when the bathing suits come on. If you are less than happy with the way your belly is looking right now and are looking for tips on how to lose belly fat, here are 5 simple moves that you can start right now that will help you shape a better tummy.

Most individuals operate at less than 100%. In fact, the majority of people do not even tap into 50% of their potential effort. They have mastered the term “half assing it”. Their days are spent putting out minimal effort. Ironically, it is these people who wonder why they cannot get anywhere.

During this economic overturn Americans saw rapid declines in the production and sale of goods and a sudden, severe rise in unemployment. Business and banks closed their doors; people lost their jobs, homes and savings. To survive many people depended on charity. The Great Depression became worse in 1933 when more than 15 million Americans (one-quarter of the nation’s workforce) were unemployed. This triggered a worldwide deflation in a world economic situation. At this time Germany was suffering from hyperinflation of currency, and many of the Allied victors of WWI were having serious problems paying off huge war debts. The post-war effects on the world and the depression in the US continued throughout the late 1930’s. Finally, the depression ended when massive spending for WWII began.

It is not easy finding a quiet spot in my house these days. My son and his two youngsters, ages 2 years and 4 months, have moved into my formerly quiet abode. His years on his own have dulled his memory about how Ms. Momma here does not enjoy the TV blaring hours a day. The two little ones are like pieces of my heart. How can I ever be upset with a two year old that calls me Cassy, and little brother who is a smiling babbling blue eyed rendition of Uncle Fester. Oh, what joy they bring to the house…what noisy joy!

Cut pile carpets are easier to clean than those with loops. This is because dirt can hide in loops that can be hard for most vacuums to reach. Professional house cleaning services have heavy duty suckers on their vacuums that can eliminate dirt from any type of carpet.

Oh, and make sure you don’t get overwhelmed by your household chore checklist! Sometimes we want everything to be so clean that we cram the “daily” section with too many tasks, and we end up burning ourselves out. Make sure that doesn’t happen — sometimes, some tasks only need cleaning once a week.

Some customers have certain products that they like used in their homes. You should ask at the estimate and note it on the schedule. Also any preferences, I write on the check list that I leave with them for the initial first clean. With each visit I add my comments as to what was done that week. For the customers knowledge but also so I remember what was done.

Purchase a clothes hamper – Nothing makes me more irate than seeing my wives clothers laying all over the bedroom floor. A hamper is essential for keep your bedroom neat and clutter free. Plus, it makes for easy transport of clothes, to the laundry room. It seems like a simple idea, but I see this reoccurring problem, in all our friends houses.

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