Mini Pocket Bikes – Electric Vs Gas

Everybody knows it. You need a new bike and you go to the biggest bicycle shop in your town. There are so many bikes that are really cool but which one will fulfil your needs? You ask the nice guy behind the counter. Well, he shows you several bikes. The expensive mountain bike for the more professional rider, the light racing cycle for competition, the more common road bike, the electric bike for lazy rider and a few mountain bikes in special offer. But which parts make the real difference in quality and in pricing?

12. Battery technology should shift from Sealed lead acid to Li-ion batteries which will increase the life and drive range. Research needed to be done to reduce the cost of Li-ion battery without affecting the performance.

They are very easy to transport and carry about with you. Just remove the 4 clasps which are connected to the bike and the bike folds into a compact little package that can be carried around easily.

Choices for kits and other build it yourself options are found today that can help you reduce the cost of the bikes. When you are worried about the environment and must stick to a budget these choices can be very helpful to you. If you are only planning to travel a short distance with your bike, the issues of the limited range won’t be a problem.

Most users have been older people as they have a weaker physical condition but this is changing as the bici elettrica becomes accepted more and more by all groups of people.

It’s only inevitable that fuel prices will soar once again and with the world going ‘Green’ many companies are coming up with innovative technologies to help. A new transportation design was introduced last year at the International Bike Trade Show (IFMA) in Cologne, Germany and it’s called the ELMOTO HR-2.

And what more, as an e-biker, you also become one for those silent yet most effective advocate of environmental protection. E-bikes are the cleanest way there is to reach your place of destination.

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