Are looking for some uniquely romantic ways to woo your Valentine? I’ve got some fun games you and your valentine can play to become closer than ever.

And while you are checking the TipSheets, look for “Organizing Your Photos.” When you return from your delightful vacation, you will want to put your pictures in order and eliminate photo clutter.

Pack – Traveling with a garment bag makes packing easy if you put a complete outfit on a single hanger. If everything is going into the suitcase, you need to consider taking wrinkle resistant clothing because whether you roll or fold your clothes, they are going to be squished.

One idea that is easy to implement it so sew a tennis ball to the back of your sleeping wear. This way when you do turn and sleep on your back you will be able to feel that ball and it isn’t going to be comfortable. It will immediately get you to turn back to one of your sides!

Exfoliate. Exfoliating removes the top layer of laneige lip sleeping mask your skin appear smoother. Skin looks much better when it’s smooth and moisturised. Moisturising, self-tanning and hair removal are all far more effective on exfoliated skin. Your skin will also appear far more even-toned after dry patches have been eliminated. You can use an exfoliating body wash with a loofah or exfoliating brush – anything with a rough surface will work. If you’re off on a beach holiday and have forgotten to prepare your skin, try rubbing sand on to your legs. This is a popular method used by women in Brazil to increase circulation, help to remove cellulite and soften their skin.

There are ways that you can increase the number and length of your deep sleep cycles. For starters, turn your television off in your bedroom. If you feel you must have some sort of noise, then consider investing in a white noise machine. You should have a bedtime routine that doesn’t involve using the computer, drinking caffeinated beverages, or balancing your chequebook. Slimming down, getting some moderate workout and modifying medicines can also help to alleviate many of the obstacles to a really good night sleep. Sleeping in a cool room helps encourage deep sleep and an eye mask is a great addition. Eye masks help block out the light in the room, sometimes even the smallest sliver of light can affect your sleep.

Over the years these tips have all worked really well for me I know they can help make any flight more comfortable, peaceful and restful for you also.

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