The inspiration of this article comes directly from yet another time management course that I recently took part in. You know the ones that I am talking about, the ones that promise we will all become more effective with our time management skills and be better at everything we do. Yes, you guessed it but I think the items mentioned have some merit to discuss.

On the other hand, a dental mouth guard that is prescribed by a dentist is quite costly and needs time to be made. Why is that so? It is because it should be carefully molded to match the needs of a specific patient. In fact, only a few experts are trained and licensed to produce them. A specialist first crafts a plaster cast of a patient’s teeth from which a guard is patterned. Prescription guards are made in a dental laboratory and they do not need additional boiling or molding once they are completed. They are often used by patients with hard-to-fit mouths or braces on.

Recently I met a senior manager at a global financial company who has had the benefit of over 20 years of the best sales and Executive Training Group, yet he is smart enough to know that we all need a reminder once in a while of the simple communication strategies that work best with others. We do not want our colleagues to think that we are not listening, or do not care about their problems. Sometimes ‘simple’ really does work best.

So how can you manage time? You can’t! Plain and simple. But, what you can do is learn to how to better manage yourself. Of course, you may be thinking that is much harder. Well, it just might be. However, until you attack the real problem, self-management, then you are setting yourself up for ongoing failure when you attempt to solve the symptom of time management.

6) If there is a need to learn something new, it’s usually only a few quick minutes of Googling and they should have the answer. If they can’t do this, they should not be in your employ.

Some circumstances require that you coach quickly. You can concentrate on the goal and the topic in these situations. Yet other situations will require you to spend time to discuss more steps and focus on other skills.

Finally, RELAX, and be yourself (but with reservations). No smoking, no gum chewing, no crossed legs but feet flat on the floor, be neat and clean with clean clothes. Dress accordingly. You wouldn’t wear a 3-piece suit for a truck driving job, but jeans and a tee shirt with a lot of printed crap won’t do for a retail sales job either. Match yourself to what you are applying for.

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