The nurturing nature of women is somewhat of a phenomenon in this World. Is there any other creature alive today that can do as much as women do? From holding down a full-time career, to caring for a family and then still managing to find time to cultivate a loving relationship – women really do it all. Well, almost! The cost of all this nurturing has a very high price. Women often neglect themselves, ignore their needs and suppress their desires. After all, if a woman took time for herself she might not have enough time to care for others. As a result of all this self-neglect, many women suffer from depression, low self-esteem and basically live out their lives as social recluses by retreating to their homes so that they can serve as the perfect housewife and mother.

There are countless ways, through self-hypnosis, meditation, guided meditation classes baltimore, creative energy manipulation, and daily practices using visualization tools – the key is to find the program that works with your sensory modality.

It aint funny, but bear with me, “Our family was so poor when I was a kid, we couldn’t afford to PAY attention in school.” When you don’t pay attention your brain zombies (zones-out) and nothing is going on in your brain.

An example that we can use is money. If you think about a lack of money or worrying about bills more than thinking about savings accumulating, more income rolling in etc than you will get more bills. When you think about money, what picture do you see inside your mind? You may want more income, but what have you been really expecting, more lack or abundance?

And this is true for most of our lives. It’s your subconscious that is taking over and running the show. Ninety percent of your brain power is hidden beneath the surface of your every day life. Your subconscious operates on previously stored energy and belief patterns that you were taught, you inherited, or you embraced, consciously or unconsciously at some point in your life.

Appearances notwithstanding, I know that each of us contains the seed of goodness. Awakening to that reality is the way to change what looks like disaster. How do we awaken? Simple…

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