Veteran comic book and fiction author Ron Fortier has worked for years writing in a number of formats-including comic books, stage-plays, novels, short stories, movies scripts, and the exciting and burgeoning format of online comics and pulp stories. Ron burdens himself with an impressive list of credits, but the burden is one he happily carries into the future. Notable among his credits are The Incredible Hulk, the excellent Green Hornet series of the early 1990s by NOW Comics, and the Terminator: The Burning Earth series. He is currently involved with the creation of online comics and pulp-styled stories.

I saw one episode of Yes, Dear where the main character took all of his old stuff to one of those storage units and fashioned himself a man cave. If I were to rent a storage unit, I would do the same thing, because that’s kind of awesome.

Features this character. For my son, it was Spiderman. Thanks to friendly neighborhood spider, my son latched on to minion memes fairly early in his childhood.

From then on, it has been decided that the ICP website would ALWAY be run by Psychopathic Records, by a Psychopathic employee, at thePsychopathic office. At no time will an outsider ever do the webpage… now, we could probably hire a company with level 50 skills who could hook up shockwave-flash-super-computer-tactics that would blow our BLANK out of the water. There are even Juggalos who got mad tight skills who have offered their services. But, unless that ninja actually comes to work AT Psychopathic Records, they will not do anything with the website.

Next, when you have several videos that you like and fit your style, transcribe that content of each video. As you read through each gag, you will realize that many times the funny part is mostly in the delivery and not the actual words. After you read the material, watch the video and hone in on the comic’s delivery. This will give you an all around view of the comic and the jokes and stories he/she is telling.

There are many well structured after school reading classes that aim to draw the children to books. They help kids with diction, idioms and phrases. For young children, these classes can be fun with animated characters and pictures. Illustrated picture books, rhymes, silly songs and pretend stories all attract the young child. Use creativity to capture the child’s vivid imagination.

The speculation began the moment TDK’s credits rolled, and this franchise in particular has many possible directions. Usually, film adaptations, at best, pull from the source material for inspiration, but the Batman movies have become good enough to make us wish the comics would borrow a trick or two from them. Hopefully, the third film can continue to add to the character’s legacy.

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