Super Bowl 2011 Youtube Video: Packers Fan Dyes Dog Green And Gold

The exact date of the first April Fool’s Day is reportedly unknown, but anyone capable of reading this article no doubt grew up with this “holiday.” Now, April Fool’s Day is growing up with the help of social media. It’s evolved into a shared experience that gives today’s pranksters even more pranks to be inspired from as well as the joy of sharing them with your social network.

There are two types of heli-skiing, the US/Canadian model and the European model. The US/Canadian model is pretty much like your normal routine skiing venue, except that your site is way off limits and practically unfettered by human existence and you get to be brought by the chopper again and again to your starting point. The chopper is acting like your normal ski-lift.

So what google does is it crawls all these different sites across the web and by seeking out keyword on each site, and looking at the incoming links for each site and a host of other algorithmic stuff that’s way over my head (and really who cares anyway) they decide which sites should rank where.

Also tweeting was Bob Cornelius Rifo, aka the Bloody Beetroots, whose collaboration with McCartney on “Out of Sight” recently hit and iTunes. “Happy birthday to my friend and colleague @PaulMcCartney!,” he tweeted Tuesday.

The other day, I saw a very intelligent way of using ShareCash. Somebody had put up a youtube thumbnail size, showing proof of how he’d solved an important problem which had troubled many users.

3) Age: Most users are 30-39, followed by a somewhat younger group in the range of 20-29. The last group, growing fast, is the baby boomers aged 50-59.

Spitfire is a travelling team and has made trips to Las Vegas and places like Reno, Nevada. One year Reno’s snow had the decked out in Dickie’s shorts players scrambling to a local thrift store to buy warm clothes. Someone ended up wearing a tuxedo on the field. Visual wit if ever you can picture it.

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Super Bowl 2011 Youtube Video: Packers Fan Dyes Dog Green And Gold

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