If you are looking for some of the funniest videos available online – you might want to try a videos directory. These directories will “direct” you to all the best video clips available online. You literally can find any video you could or would possibly want. Some of the categories included for the video lips are things like; funny videos, home videos, music, news, politics, sports, television and even TV commercials!

I’m going to make this really very easy for you. Pick a specific topic in your niche. The more specific the better. Come up with either 3 mistakes to avoid or 3 tips to do. Based on your content, create a compelling title to pull in your prospects. Then craft a call to action that shows your prospect exactly what to do next and what’s in it for them.

There are thousands of free and premium (paid) themes to choose from. If you see a blog theme you love, check the footer and you may find the theme it’s using or the designer who created it. For free themes, I recommend searching on the WordPress site itself first. The themes there have all been scanned for any viruses or malicious code so you can use them safely.

The internet runs on content. Text is content. Audio is spoken content. Video is spoken and viewed content. Social media is content in small chunks. The internet runs on content, and always will. No matter all the people who would like to fool you into believing otherwise, so they can sell you their latest “here-today-gone-tomorrow” flavor of the month.

Recorded in a single take, it’s a bit raw but so were some of the best garage band rockers. Dean edited a Buy Targeted Youtube Views video which is a visual collage of animated horror images to compliment the song’s quirky feel. It includes a huge mistake in the editing but was intentionally left in as a conversation piece (and to see if anyone picks up on it).

Try writing for your readers. A blog is generally personal, but if you wish to grow an audience of more than a couple of people, try writing for the readers too. Try thinking about how the readers can benefit from your posts. If you wish to be a single beneficiary here, you should create a private journal.

The video begins with a beautiful woman walking towards the camera. The rest of the video features the rappers in an underground parking lot which is decked out with lights, a catwalk and even furniture. They each seem to have their own woman who is often wearing next to nothing and holding a bottle of liquor or dancing while touching her body.

What do you think about DJ Khaled’s official “B**ches & Bottles (Let’s Get it Started)” music video featuring T.I., Lil Wayne, and Future? Let me know by leaving a comment below or on our Facebook page.

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