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OK. But where and how do you get the best bargain? You want the best price! Do you have to spend 3 to 4 hours hopping from search engine to search engine? The thought almost makes you want to stay home!

The Travel Test: ITA is best for traveling abroad. I’m going to search for a flight to Scotland from Houston. I think I saw a golf ball melt the other day here in town. Why not visit the home of golf, and the home of cool weather!

From the list you just created, agree on one and immediately book a date in your calendars. You must make this date your top priority and have nothing interfere. Remember when you first started dating? It would take hell or high water to get you to break that date with your new found love. That is the same attitude you need to apply here.

Travel – This is always a safe bet. Ask your date where their cruise only destination is. Why they love it so much, where did they stay and where is this year going to take them?

Following the Equator was Twain’s fifth and final travel book. His 1895-96 journeys – from Paris, across the United States, through the South Pacific and Australia, to Sri Lanka and India, around Africa and to London – resulted in his last travelogue. Not as well-known as the above-mentioned The Innocents Abroad, Following the Equator nevertheless endures for his observations on the world.

The Happy Isles of Oceania: Paddling the Pacific is another masterpiece from Paul Thoreau. This is a truly cultural journey. He spends time with and learns (and shares) just what the differences and similarities are between people living on the various islands in the Pacific Ocean. Included are his experiences in New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, and Tonga. He spent a brave eighteen months paddling a collapsible kayak while visiting Fiji, Easter Island, Samoa, Tahiti, the Solomon Islands and others. Thoreau satisfies our inner free spirit and our inner anthropologist.

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Next, you can visit Burano in Italy by taking a 40-minute ferry from Venice. Burano is a welcome change from the medieval set up of Italy. The buildings in this place are brightly colored and vibrant. It is said that the fisherman wished to see their houses when at sea so they colored their houses in bright colors so that they can be noticed from a distance. This place is known for its laces and seafood. It has a lace museum which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

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