Volkswagen’s Push For The Ultimate Eco Car

When we first learn how to speak, we learn from being around other people and simply picking it up by repetition–by osmosis–from people who already know how to speak. Most of us do not have to go to school to learn our native language. We simply pick it up because it is all around us. It doesn’t matter what the language is: English, French, Chinese…if it is what everyone else is speaking, we automatically pick up the basics when we are children.

Americans have been shocked this year at the spike in gasoline prices. As oil becomes less available in 2009, our nation may see gas prices spike again. Our highways, though, are still clogged with SUVs. One still sees quite a few Hummers on the roads. America’s love affair with huge, gas hogging vehicles is far from over.

Two-week hiatus. After building some momentum after Dustin Johnson won the 535D remap Championship, the tour took a two-week break. Ah, guys — even rabid NFL fans could do without the 14 days of hype between the final playoff game and the Super Bowl. For sure, the golfers would rather skip a week after the Labor Day Monday finish of Boston’s Deutsche Bank Championship.

Examine your potential competition. How many PDR techs are there in your area, and are they operating in your potential market? What are they charging? How much rapport does your competition have locally with your potential market? Keep notes.

With this Hybrid car Nissan is making some serious inroads into the Hybrid market. Their simple brilliance is obvious when you see how they have “recycled” a highly popular platform from another model and from that they have created a very desirable Hybrid automobile. Costing right around $20,000 this car is a steal. Looking through the auto ads in my local paper I found one in particular that was a 2007 being sold for $12,299 which is a bit lower than the normal average resale value. With the peppy 158 horsepower 2.5 Liter In-line 4 cylinder. Fuel economy is not really exciting to look at with only 35 mpg city, and 33 mpg highway. I thought Hybrids were going to knock our socks off when it came to fuel economy but so far they are still just getting what regular sub compact cars are doing now!

Torque – measured in newton metres (Nm), torque is a way of measuring the force with which the engines turns. That force is translated into forward movement. Simply put, torque can be thought of as how hard the car is shoved forward as you put your foot down.

Els is in. Els made it into the World Golf Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility. No argument with the Big Easy’s induction, but ex-president George H.W. Bush? Gag me with a 9-iron.

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Volkswagen’s Push For The Ultimate Eco Car

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