3 Things To Know About Using Your Own Fat For Breast Augmentation

There are all types of changes that can be made with a breast augmentation. Some women are going larger while other potential patients are looking for a lift. The goal of this type of operation is to enhance a woman’s features in a way that gives her an added boost of confidence. The first step is setting up a consultation with a plastic surgeon and learning more about the experience as a whole. Consider asking these three questions during your consultation.

But will you look like these photos that you find on the internet? If you are just beginning to research Breast Augmentation Jacksonville FL one of the most important things for you to know is that differing breast implant sizes will often look different on your body versus the woman’s body on the internet. While you might find a photo of a woman with a similar breast enlargement, similar body type, similar weight and height, the same breast implant size (such as 350cc, or 500cc) may very well look different on you.

Choosing the surgeon may actually be one of your biggest concerns. How do you know that he or she will be a good surgeon and is someone that you can trust? Well, just make sure that they are accredited and board certified. If their credentials check out, ask them for references and portfolios of their work. That’s the best way to really get a feel for who you will be dealing with. Above all, though, make sure that you follow your instincts. Don’t work with a surgeon who makes you feel uncomfortable.

Then there is the natural look. Unless you are one of those people that don’t mind telling others that you’ve had some cosmetic work done, going large won’t keep it a secret. An unnatural look to your body will simply scream that you’ve been under the knife. People will know that you’ve added implants and may even make comments about it. Every good surgeon strives to make his patients look good without looking like they’ve had surgery. By going too big, you won’t be able to have that natural look that you long for.

Being board certified is an important trait of a plastic surgeon. As you look for this trait, make sure he or she is actually board certified in plastic surgery. Along with this, look for he or she being a member of plastic surgery associations. Some associations can provide accountability.

The other advantage at being a month out from surgery is that you should be fairly free at this point to do any activity you want. Even in significant body contouring surgeries, the ability to start to get back near normal levels of activities, including light exercise, should now be possible.

It is common and a near standard of care practice for your plastic surgeon to want to take photographs after surgery to go with the ones taken prior to surgery. This is always an excellent record to have and is more than a ‘feel good’ record for your plastic surgeon. I have often found it quite striking for the patient to see the comparison of before and after surgery photographs. While every patient has a good memory of what they looked like before, they do not have a good idea of how ‘bad’ the issues were until they see it next to what has been changed. This is both psychologically and financially reassuring that the decision for plastic surgery was a good one.

Go big or go home might work for a big screen television, sporting event, or some instances of food, but when it comes to breast augmentation, you might want to reconsider. A natural look and something that won’t cause debilitating pain are what you should long for. Sure you want to have curves and possibly get noticed, but there is no reason to go to the extreme.

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3 Things To Know About Using Your Own Fat For Breast Augmentation

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