History Of Comic Books – Part Ii

Veteran comic book and fiction author Ron Fortier has worked for years writing in a number of formats-including comic books, stage-plays, novels, short stories, movies scripts, and the exciting and burgeoning format of online comics and pulp stories. Ron burdens himself with an impressive list of credits, but the burden is one he happily carries into the future. Notable among his credits are The Incredible Hulk, the excellent Green Hornet series of the early 1990s by NOW Comics, and the Terminator: The Burning Earth series. He is currently involved with the creation of online comics and pulp-styled stories.

This Wes Craven thriller will be coming out on April 15th. Ten years have passed since the murders. Sidney Prescott just gets her life back together thanks to her writing. But life isn’t quiet no more, Ghostface visits her again. Scream besides his Nightmare on Elm Street series, is like my favorite, so I’m really excited about this one. This stars Neve Campbell, Emma Roberts, Courtney Cox, and David Arquette.

A new media take on the most famous female super hero from DC budd root is set to hit the small screen once again after quite a long time. In fact, it has been decades since this amazing character with special powers has not been seen on TV since back in the 1970s.

Good idea make punishments with book reading. Give a book to read by your children if they are break family rule. They must accomplished to read that book and tell what they book before family. This is good to train responsibility and ability of presentation before peoples.

Fantastic Four #5 (July 1962) – This comic is notable to collectors because it features the first appearance of Doctor Doom. Stan Lee wrote this comic as well. It is said to fetch $3,500 in Very Fine condition.

Fights on Batman’s level. The fight scenes did improve from Begins, but Bruce is still looking more like just a martial artist instead of the legendary figure of Gotham. I’m definitely not calling for superhuman moves. He simply needs to be more impressive and creative than punch, kick, elbow, repeat. Love the vicious impacts though.

I’ve several new comic series in the works. One of these, an historical western, will eventually be translated into a screenplay. I’ve also started teaching an 8 week course, aided by artist Rich Woodall, on how to write and draw comics for a local comic book shop. Our first session is nearing completion and a new one starts Jan. 3rd of next year. Add to this my bi-weekly internet book review column PULP FICTION, and you can see, I’m one busy camper. Ha. but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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