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On Friday, according to the U.S. Labor Department’s report, 175,000 nonfarm payroll jobs were created in May. The number was slightly better than the 170,000 jobs economists had predicted. But more important, the stock market received the number as positive news, as the S&P 500 improved by 20.82 points, or 1.28%, from the previous trading day’s close.

But how can making the wrong assumptions affect your business decisions? What impact would that have on the success of your business? Here are three assumptions that lie at the root of everything you do.

Path 1: You manage everything internally. You are a jack-of-all-trades after all and you’ve hired people like you that can wear multiple hats. Great. You manage sales, marketing, customer service, payroll outsourcing, Human Resources (of course it’s hard to retain App developers), Development, Design, Copywriting, Project Management, Business Development, Investor Relations, Benefits Processing, Information Technology, Purchasing, Lease and facilities Management – everything. Your justification – it’s too expensive to outsource – I would rather just have a single employee multi-task and get some of these done. And you do get it done and prove a point.

High Demand Product. Any product you sell should be in high demand. Your chances of success are greatly increased by selling a product or service that is in demand. A product that shows someone how to get back on their feet financially is going to be more in demand than a Coach briefcase, at least in 2009 that’s the case, this may be different 5 years from now, and the internet is a very fluid environment, stay alert.

How will you search payroll jobs via SMS? Usually you type keywords on your mobile, send the SMS to the specific number provided by the site and then you receive job alert on your mobile in return. It looks to be simple and easy to use. Now you can search job from anywhere and anytime.

If your Case Average is $2,000, then you would need 7 more New Patients over your current average. Or, skip new patients and you only need to add 300 office visits if your average visit income is $50…

Auto title loans are well suited for short term money needs such as medical expenses, tuition, payroll needs, utilities etc. If you find yourself in need of some quick cash and you own a car, car title loans are definitely something to look into.

The power of leverage comes down to a mutually symbiotic relationship where everyone benefits and wins in the end. Remember this daily mantra: don’t work harder – work smarter!

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Retail Pos Software – Makes Your Job Much Simpler

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